Star Wars Battlefront Dog Fights

EA has released the latest trailer for Star Wars Battlefront at Games Con with the above featuring aerial combat something that was missing from the trailer released previously at E3 in Los Angeles. The new trailer showcases the air combat between rebel and imperial forces and includes the fan favorite millennium falcon. The early reviews of the aerial game play from people that have played the game at Games Con haven’t been the most positive for the aerial space battles and hopefully that will improve by the November 17th launch of the game. Even with the possible issues for aerial combat this game looks beautiful and hopefully the drought of a good Star Wars game is over and its on my list of the top games i’m looking forward too this holiday season.  The video is courtesy of EA and the game will be available on ps4, xbox one at pc at launch.

Dishonored 2 Announcement At E3

Above is the announcement trailer courtesy of Bethesda Softworks of Dishonored 2 at E3 which i must admit i hadn’t played the original game so i wasn’t waiting for the next version but this does look like a beautiful game and one i might check out. In Dishonored 2 you get to choose between two characters Corvo Attanto or Emily Kaldwin in the coastal city of Karnaca with different powers, weapons as well as tools available for both characters. If you want to check out Dishonored 2 you will have to wait for Spring of 2016 but the game will be available for PlayStation 4, XBOX One and also PC.

Star Wars Battlefront Reveal Trailer

Above is the reveal trailer from Star Wars Battlefront and showcases some of the great movie like footage including a little of Darth Vadar mixed in. As i have mention in the past this game looks amazing and looks to be the great Star Wars game many of us have been waiting for such a long time. (Video courtesy of EA and DICE)

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Trailer

At E3 we got to see the trailer for Mirror;s Edge Catalyst a reboot of the previous title that is due to be available February 23rd of next year from EA and Dice. This reboot of the game has more of a sci fi futuristic look as well as being an open world environment which lends itself to exploring as we wish instead of a linear story. The game has a totally difference feel from the previous title although the amazing martial arts skills of the main character Faith are still there. The trailer shows very little actual game footage and is mainly a rendered cinematic so it would be cool to see actual game play of which there is only a small amount in this trailer. (Video footage courtesy of EA and Dice).

Star Wars Battlefront Survival Mode

The new Star Wars Battlefront looks amazing as you can see in the video above which showcases the games survival mode. In the survival mode you get to fight ever stronger waves of Imperial troops. In this mode you can play solo or with a friend as you try to escape from the enemy forces on the deserts of Tatooine. I cannot wait until this game is available on November 17th of this year if this game plays as good as it looks it will be an amazing game. (Video courtesy of EA and DICE)

Mass Effect Andromeda

Above is the trailer released at E3 for the next Mass Effect game this one called Mass Effect Andromeda but as the game isn’t being released until late 2016 there is just a little actual game footage at the end of the video. What we can see of the game play looks good but its too early too tell if this game will become a must buy although the Johnny Cash music played in the trailer is a cool interesting choice. (Video courtesy of EA and Bioware)

Star Wars Battlefront Trailer

The Star Wars Battlefront trailer to me is the best trailer i have seen so far from E3 its breathtaking battle scenes look very much like a movie. I am a fan of the three original Star Wars movies but i have never been a huge Star Wars themed gamer and frankly some of the games over the years have not done the series of films justice but if this game holds up to the video action seen so far this game could change that. This is a statement you don’t here often but ‘EA good job’ i look forward to playing this game when its released in November of this year.

Where To Eat For E3

E3 the huge video game convention is kicking off today in Downtown Los Angeles at the Convention Center where the upcoming latest games will be showcased for the press, retailers, bloggers and streamers as they try to generate buzz for the end of the year shopping season. If you are one of the fortunate that is attending the show Zaget the food guide people have teamed up with gamer Lamarr Wilson to showcase three good choices for places to eat in the Downtown Los Angeles area in the above video.

Ubisoft E3 Coverage Starts Today

Today at 2:45 pm is the when the Ubisoft event coverage begins from E3 in Los Angeles where they show off their upcoming releases including big titles such as Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege whose trailer is shown above. Both of the titles have their devoted fan base an after the bugs in the release of the last Assassin’s Creed we are hoping for a better launch this time.