Disneyland Monorail Cuts Hours

There have been numerous stories over the last few weeks about how slow Disneyland has been since the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge themed land was opened. I’m an annual pass holder and yes for several weeks after the new land opened the park was slower than normal. There were many theories such as prices rises and annual pass blockout days but i’m not going to get in to that in this article but i will tell you visitor traffic seems to be back to normal.

I visited Disneyland July 5th and it was packed and yes that was a holiday weekend so you would expect to be busy but i have visited since then including yesterday which should be a slower day but the park was very busy with the usual Summer lines.

There have been reports that some staff hours were cut during the slow time but hopefully with crowds growing things are changing. One thing i did notice was the Disneyland Monorail has cut its hours back with it now closed from 11 am to 6 pm through September.

I’m a big fan of the monorail which used to have more stations but now only runs between Tomorrowland and Downtown Disney. Hopefully as this seems like a cost cutting move with the crowds growing hopefully it will go back to normal hours before September which seems to be the plan at the moment.

The monorail is a popular way for Disney hotel guests to enter the park as well as people taking it to Downtown Disney for the many food options or shopping. As an annual pass holder i usually get to the park early and leave when it gets busy so i might still be able to use the monorail before 11 am otherwise i guess i’m walking to Downtown Disney.

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