AEW Weekly Show Announcement

If you are not familiar AEW or All Elite Wrestling is a new competitor to the WWE and came to being after several wrestlers Cody & Brandy Rhodes, tag team The Young Bucks,  as well as Kenny Omega decided to finance their own event. The event called All In was a huge risk for the wrestlers but ultimately sold out and sometime later talks began with billionaire Shahid Khan as well as his son Tony about starting a competing wrestling organization against the WWE.

Since WCW folded and was bought by the WWE many wrestling organizations such as TNA/Impact, New Japan and Ring Of Honor have tried to compete with the WWE but usually with the handicap of being on lower tier cable networks and without the budget that WWE has. The reason why AEW is a legitimate competitor to WWE is the financial backing of the Khan family as well as airtime for a weekly show on the TNT network which gives it great exposure to compete with the WWE.

The video above is the announcement that AEW will premiere their weekly wrestling show on Wednesday October 2nd. One of my concerns about AEW was not the wrestlers but the production value which has to be good as the WWE which is known for its amazing quality productions; It seems like AEW’s production value is generally very good which should give it a chance to become a major competitor to the WWE we will have to see in October how good their weekly show is.


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