AEW Dynamite Premieres

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Wednesday night was the premiere of All Elite Wrestlings two hour weekly show Dynamite on TNT; This is also was the first two hour show of the WWE’s NXT show on the USA Network so for the first time the two shows went up against each other.

The ratings winner for Wednesday was AEW’s Dynamite which had 1.4 million viewers compared to the 891,000 views for WWE’s NXT. It will be interesting to see in the weeks to come it AEW’s numbers hold strong or if some people tuned in because they were curious

Over the last few weeks there has been a little trash talking between members of AEW and WWE but the WWE was gracious and, put out a comment “congratulations to AEW on a successful premiere.”

Since WCW folded the WWE has dominated the wrestling business but in recent times WWE has stagnated with the advent of AEW the competition should also improve the WWE content as they fight to compete. A competitive wrestling market is good for fans, but also for wrestlers as it gives them more options. In the weeks to come we will see if AEW sustains its numbers but in the end the competition raises the profile of wrestling in general and could help both organizations.

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