Google Stadia Coming In November

game controlers

Google has officially announced that Google Stadia its game streaming service has a November 19th launch date. To use the new service you will need a controller but if you have a Playstation DualShock 4, Xbox One Controller or other standard controller that will work.

Google is pushing its Stadia Controller that connects by wi-fi directly to their data centers which they say will have the lowest latency. To play at launch date on November 19th you need either the Stadia Founders Edition or the Premiere edition that includes a controller and a Chromecast Ultra as well as three months of Stadia Pro.

If you pay for the Founders addition you also get the ability to pick your own user name, a badge and a buddy pass to share. It will be interesting to see how Google Stadia does in a competitive market that already includes the recently launched Apple Arcade

Google Stadia isn’t just competing with Apple Arcade it is also competing with the growing number of television streaming services which also includes Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus which are both launching in November; The budget that people have to spend on streaming television or gaming services is only so much with everyone trying to grab a share of the audience in a more and more competitive market.

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