XFL Folds For The 2nd Time

WWE owner Vince McMahon has pulled the plug on his professional football league the XFL for the second time. The XFL’s parent company Alpha Entertainment has filed for bankruptcy after suspending operations and laying off most of it’s employees.

This was the second time around for the XFL and this time the quality of play and presentation of the football was much better; The first time around the quality didn’t get better until the end when it didn’t matter also the presentation was more gimmicky than this time.

The eight team league was able to to run for five weeks before the pandemic caused all live sporting events to stop. Being a start up league against their huge competitor was never going to be easy but the pandemic was just too much for them to go on.

Hopefully some time in the future when things get back to normal the XFL will return as its good to have a choice in football then just the established professional league.

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